what we do

medialab is a unique business creating, incubating and delivering ideas for the internationalfactual content market. To date we have largely worked with selected production companies to realise our own ideas following commission, but there are many ways to work with us and utilise our broad range of skills to better enable your own projects.

Ideas Generation
We have a track record of creating innovative factual ideas that we have gone on to produce, but we can also assist in the ideas generation process for both production companies and content platforms looking for high-end factual content.

Ideas Development
Good ideas need to be developed and made into a compelling story that will engage an audience. In specialist fields such as science and history it is imperative that the story is also factually accurate and rigorously researched. We are meticulous and methodical while developing ideas and are skilled at weaving strong factual data into our rich, multi-layered approach to storytelling. In addition, medialab’s network and intelligent and sensitive approach to working with leading academics, authorities and institutions, can deliver unique discoveries and expert commentary which further strengthens stories.

When an idea has been developed, we use our extensive knowledge of UK and international markets to target ‘best-fit’ commissioners with a film pitch. Thiscan be delivered in conjunction with a production company or by medialab alone.

In addition to having a great story, the key to getting any film made is money. As funding gets progressively more challenging, we maintain an innovative approach to financing and are adept at finding the right solutions for each project, whether from traditional co-funding partners or from more unusualsources.

We have a strong track record in brokering ‘hard-to-get’ access. Some of the locations and institutions we have worked with include the Sheffield Medico Legal Centre, The Forensic Anthropology Centre in Knoxville, TN, (The Body Farm, ) Big Ben, The Taj Mahal, and China’s Bund alongside numerous museums and universities around the world.

medialab has extensive production experience, with a number of executive producer credits to our name. We believe our key strengths are in the efficient and detailed planning and execution of productions and the sympathetic liaison with talent, experts, and institutions, many of whom we work with over and over again. This allows us to get the best from them. Our expertise in creating and delivering factual stories also means that we can add real value during scripting and editing. In addition, our knowledge of leading factual production companies means that we are also well placed to find the right production teams and crew for particular projects on which we are asked to advise.

Today’s films are rarely just that. Instead, content gets used in numerous ways and across different platforms in order to promote and support a film, allow interested parties to find out more about a topic, or even to engage with it in an entirely different way. We know how to create such supporting content and ensure all additional exploitation is in keeping with the original film. In addition we are experienced at producing standalone shorts for online channels, exhibitions, websites and other digital uses.